The New World Religion

By Marcel Carty
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M. Carty posits that in today’s world, the mechanisms of cultural transmission have tremendously evolved. Means of communication have made it possible for societies located thousands of miles apart to instantaneously exchange ideas. The spreading of information by the media has given a greater access to knowledge on a wide variety of subjects -including religion. Social Media have offered people around the world the opportunity to openly share their opinions about their cultural traditions and life experiences. This book proposes that clerics objectively evaluate the practice of their faiths. Such an assessment would occur under the light of stages of religious development. It’s purpose focuses on motivating believers to renew their commitment to their belief system. Renewing commitment, enhances their adaptive abilities to respond to today’s changing realities, and further ignites the pursuit of a quest for a higher level of spiritual awareness. The emphasis on a revised narrative highlights the relevance of unifying principles and supports an honest dialogue among the faithful of different denominations. This work attempts the exploration of a New World Religion that would focus on the concept of interfaith pluralism. It vouches for a peaceful coexistence of different faiths, and acknowledges that many religious principles are variations on the same theme: spiritual development. This suggests a less rigid attitude about a monopoly over truth and a renewed openness to the recognition of commonality of interest. Such an endeavor would solidify the foundation of future cooperation among different faiths in order to promote the practice of more adaptive religious values. Some of the motifs included in many doctrines are considered in this work, and individuals’ stages of spiritual development recognized. The exploration of some of the creative attributes of the Divine would serve as reminders of mankind’s origin. After all, believers should be conscious of the spiritual orientation of their life purposes and remain committed to the service of humanity and the Almighty.





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Dec 20, 2019



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